An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody

Updated: Jun 28, 2020



In Life and in Death…

Inspired by historical events; An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody  reveals the story of  Shay, an orphaned young Asian boy wearing a mysterious jade amulet, once owned by his deceased mother, now the only link to his past.  By a chance of fate, an American merchant ship's captain adopts him and over time transforms this once timid young boy into an admirable young man as he becomes a scout, fighting for the Union Army during the height of the American Civil War.

Across the oceans, a young girl is ripped from her homeland in Africa and is forced to endure the horrors aboard a slave ship set sail for America.  She is sold into slavery, her name changed, and she is taken to a plantation deep in Alabama, where she must find the strength to brave the new world and accept her plight in life.  No longer a free child running through the plains of Africa, she is now considered livestock to do the constant bidding of her cruel Master.

Ten years later, by a chance of fate, the beautiful slave girl Victoria encounters the young scout Shay, and a forbidden romance is sparked.  The two feel an immediate connection to one another, but the prospect of ever being together seems an impossible and dangerous dream to attain.  During war, only a thin line separates life and death as loyalties are tested in this epic and thrilling saga amidst one of the darkest chapters in American history.  You will experience the realism of this magnificent and unpredictable story as the power of suspense overtakes you!  Who will live and who will die? You will have to find out for yourself!  The reader will be forever touched by this eloquent story of love and survival in an era of suffering and hate.