Many Lands, One Bridge

When parents separate across international borders, it can often times be confusing for the child. Imagination can either run wild or be gently guided towards emotional sense-making. Through symbolic story-telling, colours, tools and pictures, as dreamed up by children, Many Lands, One Bridge communicates to the young child in a way that an ordinary conversation cannot. ‘Divorce ends the marriage, not the love between parent and child. The child can be raised in a way that celebrates the love of both parents. The child can have a healthy childhood no matter the situation. Young children tend to view events in specific and self-centred terms and have the need to know in advance about the important changes that will affect their life. With this book and its reassuring big pictures, concrete and simple answers you can take the opportunity to actively listen and build up, page by page, all the needed conversations with your child about their questions and feelings that will arise. When you can tell your story and it doesn’t make you cry... You know you have healed and you can start counting ... Stars.’ Ellen Vanhoven, international teacher and Energy Touch healing specialist.