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Skills Training Manual For Treating Borderline Personality Disorder Marsha M. Linehan.epub




 These CBT programs have the capacity to improve quality of life for individuals with BPD and serve as an efficacious treatment alternative. However, despite the promising findings for DBT, not all individuals with BPD respond to DBT; this research was published at a time when DBT was not widely used for this disorder. Although evidence is mixed regarding the efficacy of DBT for children and adolescents, the approaches (DBT and DBT-C) that have demonstrated efficacy for adults are less differentiated than would be necessary for children and adolescents. These treatments share core DBT principles, such as the importance of targeting maladaptive emotion regulation skills, which are particularly relevant for children and adolescents. The DBT model was expanded to develop the therapist-guided DBT-C treatment approach for use with children and adolescents. The DBT-C program focuses on the identification of maladaptive emotion regulation strategies, with the goal of helping the individual learn new adaptive skills to effectively manage emotions and regulate behavior in various circumstances. A recently published case series report indicates that the DBT-C approach is associated with a favorable clinical response in three adolescents with BPD.[@bib54] The DBT Self-Harm Reduction Module (S-HRT) was developed to facilitate engagement with and toleration of self-injurious and self-mutilating behaviors (self-mutilation) in patients with BPD who have not responded to standard DBT. The module is designed to facilitate treatment engagement by delivering the skills to help patients build and maintain a strategy for reducing the likelihood of and eliminating self-injurious and self-mutilating behaviors. Although this module may serve as a treatment for patients who engage in these behaviors, it is also intended to help clinicians identify patients who engage in these behaviors and need assistance with tolerating and managing these behaviors. The goal of this module is to reduce the frequency of self-injurious and self-mutilating behaviors and provide skills for managing these behaviors in the presence of intense emotions, while maintaining safety. Because these behaviors are a key feature of BPD, the module also helps address other BPD features and maintaining relationships and employment. The module includes 20 sessions, with a goal of 10 sessions. Each session is brief (15 to 30 minutes) and covers 1 to 2 major themes. The S-HRT module includes the following



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Skills Training Manual For Treating Borderline Personality Disorder Marsha M. Linehan.epub

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